AgroStrong offers you a way to make plans for the future, save towards your children’s education, plan for retirement, or safeguard your family.

Investments in cattle allow for the initial capital to not just maintain its value, but to grow in-line with or ahead of inflation. Furthermore, the savings and/or investments in cattle can be used as collateral security for a personal or business loan.

AgroStrong is simplifying access to savings, and investments. One can invest as little as US$15/R250 per month.

How it works

Steers – Short term investments / savings


Clients invest their money

Clients can invest a lump sum or do so in agreed periodic amounts.


Our Production / Management partner buys the steers

The money raised from all clients is used to buy steers for fattening in state-of-the-art pens.


The cattle are fattened

The fattening process happens over 120 days, using high-quality feed hygienically manufactured on site.


The steers are ready

After the 120 days of feeding, the steers are sold to the abattoir.


The client withdraws their funds or reinvests

After sale, the funds are reinvested and after a 6-month tenor, the client has a choice to either reinvest or withdraw their money.

Our Values


Our word is our bond.


We always choose what is right over what is convenient.


We are always looking for a better way.

Our Investment Philosophy

Every investor has an in-built desire for their investment to grow and deserves to have their investment protected against value depreciation.

When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands
Idowu Koyenikan
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