About Us

Our Story

Over the last decade, the majority of our founding shareholders sadly lost their savings due to macroeconomic conditions that were beyond their control. This has happened across the African continent, leading the founders to ask the question “what can one do to make sure that any recurrence of these conditions does not wipe away people’s savings?”. The solution lay in finding an asset that would be able to withstand the vagaries of the environment, and appreciate in value. This led the founders to the age-old investment that our forefathers have always had. Cattle! Cattle has always been an asset class that our great-grandparents treasured and used to store value and grow wealth.

With a passion for technology and the identified cattle asset class, the founders birthed the solution to commercialize cattle and use them to preserve and grow value for investors.

Our Vision

To be the preferred partner of alternative investments in Africa.

Our Mission

We combine traditional investment thinking with technology for better outcomes.

Our Purpose

To provide a platform to preserve and grow wealth.

Our Values

  • TRUST – Our word is our bond.
  • INTEGRITY – We always choose what is right over what is convenient.
  • INNOVATION – We are always looking for a better way.

Our Investment Philosophy

Every investor has an in-built desire for their investment to grow and deserves to have their investment protected against value depreciation.