Our savings products are linked to real assets (cattle). Savings are split into units of a steer. Once a client has deposited their money with AgroStrong, the money is pooled with that of other clients and used to purchase cattle which are bred and managed by our partner MC Meats in Zimbabwe and Beefcor in South Africa.

This allows for the initial capital to retain its purchasing power and to gradually grow as money converted to assets retains its value.

As a client, you are able to withdraw your savings after 6 months or decide to reinvest the money until you reach your ultimate savings goal.

Our Saving Products


Minimum Investment:  R250
Investment Term : Monthly

Annual Return : 14-16%


Minimum Investment:  R1 500
Minimum Term :  6 months 
Annual Return : 14-16%

Potential Returns Table

The tables below present a comparison of our 2 products with investing in a 4.5% p.a  fixed deposit with a bank after a year

Total amount invested Monthly Return Return (6 Months) Monthly Bank Return
R1 500 R183 R258 R69
R3 000 R366 R517 R138
R5 000 R610 R861 R230
R6 000 R732 R1 034 R276
R10 000 R1 220 R1 734 R459

The returns presented above are indicative, based on historic returns achieved and are not an indication of future returns

How it works

Steers – Short term investments / savings


Clients invest their money

Clients can invest a lump sum or do so in agreed periodic amounts.


Our Production / Management partner buys the steers

The money raised from all clients is used to buy steers for fattening in state-of-the-art pens.


The cattle are fattened

The fattening process happens over 120 days, using high-quality feed hygienically manufactured on site.


The steers are ready

After the 120 days of feeding, the steers are sold to the abattoir.


The client withdraws their funds or reinvests

After sale, the funds are reinvested and after a 6 month tenor, the client has a choice to either reinvest or withdraw their money.