Ahoyi Africa SACCO

Ahoyi Africa SACCO

Financial Inclusion

Built on the 3 principles of Save, Preserve and Grow, Ahoyi Africa aims to be the financial inclusion partner of choice in Africa and beyond. We are leveraging on technology to provide robust financial services and products to our members.


Ahoyi Africa encourages members to save and fosters a savings culture from a very young age through the encouragement of members’ children and/or guardian minors to have their own independent savings accounts and benefiting from the power of compound interest from a young age. This, we believe, will lead to a life guided by financial intelligence and eventually, financial independence.

Hence, fostering a savings culture with all members, young and the aged, ensures we look to the future with a smile and confidence knowing we have safety nets we can tap into during times of need. Members can withdraw their savings at any time or consider them as collateral for accessing loans.


Since inception, in May 2020, Ahoyi Africa is working tirelessly to scout for stable, high-growth and value creating investment opportunities for its members. Ordinarily, these opportunities are usually out of reach, due to a high price ticket or a prolonged investment period. Ahoyi Africa encourages existing groups, wherever they are, to invest with us. Most groups have successfully managed to convene and raise money but fail to run the last mile, that of deploying the funds to achieve their goals or growth in investments.

All investment opportunities presented by Ahoyi Africa are voluntary, because not everyone will have funds at the time of them being available. However, Ahoyi Africa, through the Equity Wallet, invests for existing members and future members. This results in ensuring all members benefit one way or the other (directly or indirectly).