Our savings products are linked to real assets (cattle). Savings are split into units of a steer. Once a client has deposited their money with AgroStrong, the money is pooled with that of other clients and used to purchase cattle which are bred and managed by our partner MC Meats in Zimbabwe and Beefcor in South Africa..

This allows for the initial capital to retain its purchasing power and to gradually grow as money converted to assets retains its value.

As a client, you are able to withdraw your savings after 6 months or decide to reinvest the money until you reach your ultimate savings goal. 

We have partnered with a well-established companies for the production of cattle. MC Meats in Zimbabwe and Beefcor in South Africa are well-established businesses in the procurement and production of cattle.

The cattle herd is insured in the case of loss.

The minimum monthly investment is US$15/ ZAR250 for a unit of a steer or US$100/ ZAR1 500 as a lumpsum investment.

6 months. After this period, the investor can either withdraw fully (capital and interest) or a portion of the invested amount. Any funds remaining after withdrawal are reinvested for another 6 month cycle.

There is a guaranteed return of between 8 – 12% per annum in US Dollars for Zimbabwe and 14 – 16% per annum in ZAR for South Africa